Lots Of Activities

My daughter and her boyfriend are always out doing fun things. They go to laser tag with their friends, they are a bunch of big kids! Most of the time, she will take her two sisters with her.

They also like to hit all of the metroparks in the summer months because they like to play catch, basketball and hike down the trails. In the morning, the have all their food for the day and the coolers packed up. The go camping usually once a month so that they can go fishing for catfish, they actually cook them up and eat them.

The winter months they spend most of their time at the casino playing the slots, they are always so lucky and end up winning something. They have their own little strategies that they will not tell me for winning.

Delicious Home-Made Rolls

I took my wife out to dinner at her favorite restaurant, she loves the t-bone steaks that they serve. They also make delicious home-made rolls covered in a garlic butter sauce and a great tasting chicken salad. We ordered the most expensive bottle of wine that they had and we almost finished it off completely.

Her cell phone rang and a couple of our friends called to see if we wanted to meet them up at the casino. She told them that we would be up there in about an hour or two. I really didn’t want to go but I went anyways because I like to play roulette once in awhile. All she does is sit at the poker table and blows a ton of money that we can’t afford to. We don’t go that often otherwise we would probably be living in a cardboard box.